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Contemplation of life on earth

Man is like a cloud driven by the wind, an ant, like a bee or grain of sand… It’s a windy autumn day. Clouds are being pushed around in the sky, creating a sea of white fluff that is flowing and rolling. A fragment of an old childhood verse comes to mind – balti mākonīši klusi, klusi aizsteidzas uz rīta pusi… [Continue reading]


New jewellery with the sign of renewal

Introducing the newest power sign jewellery design with the sign of renewal! This sign can be used to protect yourself, your family as well as your home from dangers. Sign of renewal amulets and more available [on my etsy store here]. Read about the Cassiopeia sign used these amulets [in my blog here].


Cassiopeia – A sign of renewal

What is Cassiopeia? It’s a constellation, which can be seen all year around. In our latitude it’s a constellation that never sets. The bright stars forming Cassiopeia create a W sign in the sky and through it winds the milky way. This ancient sign can be found in… [Continue reading]


Signs of power celandar 2019

Running slightly ahead of the wheel of time a new Latvian power sign calendar for 2019 has been created. Signs are the most concise representation of information and energy. In this new sign calendar I want to put emphasis on Austra’s tree (Austras koks) – the tree of the sun, because… [Continue reading]


Energy directionality in sign geometry

hroughout our lives we are all under a cross of energies. What do we see when we look at an Auseklis as a geometric figure (without a Latvian subtext)? We see four arrows which converge towards a unified center. The energies that structure and alter our reality or the physical world mimic… [Continue reading]

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