Through signs and symbols the higher powers attempt to steer people towards the correct path, which helps attain material and spiritual freedom, well-being and understand of the world.

The life is a blossom is short. My favourite flowers are the ones in midsummer fields and peony bushes. The feeling of presence is important to me so I paint flowers only in summer.

Landscape paintings are a moment frozen in time. Every glimpse shows eternity, the presence of higher powers and the full array of emotions.

Angels are beings of light that help us live through this incarnation. Sometimes angels send messages from other souls. Those that walk with angels learn to rise above the clouds.

Paintings in other techniques and featuring miscellaneous subjects: animals, still art and creative experiments.

Acquarel loves speed, it’s created while the paper is still wet and paper dries quickly so the thought and emotions going in must be sure and convincing.

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