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The world consists of energy. We and everything, including the invisible and intangible, around us vibrates, is in constant motion.

Our health and life energy is dependant on our thoughts, the quality of our psychic lives, spirituality. Thoughts are like a control panel. Spirituality is not just workings of the spirit but it’s also the manifestation of energy. Finding a source of spiritual energy can bring us great happiness and harmony. This knowledge was a component of everyday life for our ancestors and it was expressed through signs, scripts, songs and chants.

Brigita Ektermane

Scholar of signs, artist.

I got to know the natural elements and spirits of nature early on. I’ve been in the great, white light. I’ve been learning all my life and I’m still on the path towards knowledge. The wise have said – if you’re lucky, and it happens at the right time, life will hurt you so that, like a nut you lose your shell and find your core. I’ve been lucky. The signs came to me and I dared take responsibility over my own life. I am however still looking for many answers to questions I have .

Colour and light also play an important role in my life. Both colour and light create an energy system and vibrations.

In cooperation with Latvijas avīze I’ve created a variety of power sign publications – calendars, a colouring book, illustrations and articles for the esoteric yearbook as well as a monthly online article series about signs. You can see them and read more about these publications in my publication portfolio page.

Signs of power

Signs are energy, vibration and the most laconic form of information. They have cosmic origin and they tell us about how the world is ordered, about the relationships between people and the world, about the primary aspects – God, who symbolizes masculine energy, the spiritual dominant; Māra, who symbolizes feminine energy and the material world; Laima, who determines our fortunes and life path.

Signs are a matrix, which transforms cosmic energy into psychic energy. They connect our consciousness to the cosmic field of information and create communication with God and the spirit world.

Signs are used to attract and balance energy, to regain and strengthen health; to increase well-being and gain knowledge, advice; for protection to feel safe and make our loved ones feel safe and to protect our belongings, property and business.

Currently our ancestral heritage is often treated as a trend but slowly it’s becoming an everyday necessity, it helps break the mould and to preserve your life energy.

We come into this world defenceless, without guarantees, we have to learn to protect ourselves both from a variety of threats, starting with bad weather to illness and financial hardship.

One of the way to do this is with individual signs of power compositions. Of course everyone has to have their own sign of power, as that which is good for one may not be appropriate for another. You can commission an individual sign of power by contacting me.

The most important things in creating an individual sign are your birth date and the colours used, as they are a vital part of the energy signature.

Sign cards

My sign cards are an informative instrument of light, that has been created over a long period of time and is my original work. They help find answers to difficult questions and to make the correct choices. The sign cards can describe your current situation, give advice on what to do and what not to do as well as what to expect the future.

My Baltic sign cards are available in english and Latvian at my etsy webshop here.

Meditative paintings

I paint because it is a kind of meditation for me, overcoming yourself. It brings pride, which encourages trust, to free yourself to the joy of colours. Through this I gain balance, it helps me get to know myself better, to dare. What connection does colour have with health? It’s very simple – different colour frequencies affect the human organism in different ways. We have to look at ourselves as an energetic system.

I’ve had exhibitions in many Latvian cities as well as abroad. In the past I used to run an art gallery in Ventspils.

Signs of Light

You may find this name on a variety of our products and this describes the group of people involved in creating our products and managing different aspects of my work such as this website and social networks. Most notably aside from myself this includes my son David.

With our combined work we’ve created a variety of power sign collections, which have become amulets, earrings, keychain trinkets, mugs, magnets, stickers, pinback buttons, bookmarks, shirts, laminated sign miniatures used for energizing water and manipulating energies for the benefit of the user as well as other products.

We offer a selection of services such as graphic design, visual design and concept creation, logo design, business card design as well as manufacture and more. To learn more about commissioning our services contact me here.

You can find our products at the Baltic signs of power etsy. These powerful signs are for everyone that values safety, health, divine advice and blessings!



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