Stores that carry Signs of Power

The easiest way to buy Signs of power internationally is online through, but if you’re in Riga, stop by one of the many shops that carry our goods. Here is a list of those stores and links to our etsy pages:

ELKOR Gift Shop

Location Brīvības bulvāris 19, Centra rajons, Riga, LV-1050

More info Elkor gift shop Facebook

ELKOR Gift Shop offers a variety of souvenirs, crafts goods and art characteristic to Latvia. This is the largest souvenir and gift shop in all of Latvia and everybody is sure to find something nice here to bring back home. The ELKOR Gift Shop in Riga also offers Signs of power jewellery and accessories – amulets, keychains, earrings, cufflinks and pin-back buttons.

BalticSignsofPower Etsy store

We also have an Etsy! It features a much smaller selection of goods but if your desired item isn’t there and you prefer to order on Etsy, just message us and we’ll create a listing for it. Etsy offers simple payment methods and thorough support to guarantee a safe and easy shopping experience. We ship internationally just like from

“MūsMāja” shop in Riga

Location Tērbatas iela 5, Riga, LV-1050

More info MūsMāja website

“MūsMāja” is a store offering authentic Latvian craft goods and souvenirs straight from the artists and small manufacturers. It’s a place with a magical pagan aura and ambiance. The store also carries Signs of power jewellery and accessories.

Universeinabox Etsy page

Universeinabox etsy is where you can find our himmeli DIY kits and materials with instructions in English and Latvian as well as artwork by David Ektermanis.

Riija store in Riga

Location Tērbatas iela 6/8, Riga, LV-1050

More info Riija website

Latvian design and lifestyle concept store Riija is located in the centre of Riga, it’s a place where Latvian designer crafts are available all in one spot and in wide selection – from fine linen bedding, towels and clothing to original furniture, dishes and light elements. Here you can find our himmeli kits.

Latvian Handcraft store Rīgā

Location Kaļķu iela 7, Riga, LV-1050

More infoLatvian Handcraft Facebook lapā

“Latvian Handcraft offers a wide selection of authentic, handmade and unique gifts for everyone. You’ll find many wonderful gifts and souvenirs to bring joy and smiles.” The store in Riga also carries Signs of Power products.

Rota-L stores in Riga & Sigulda

Location Tirgoņu iela 15, Centra rajons, Rīga, LV-1050

Rota-L is a gift shop and art saloon with stores in Riga and Sigulda. Rota-L stores also carry Signs of Power goods.

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