Sign of the cross, swastika

Jul 9, 2021

Throughout time, why has it always been necessary to create signs, symbols, icons? Because it is the path to connecting our consciousness with the higher, the spiritual reality. This is how we can expand our consciousness. Signs are essentially a spiritual tradition and they’re far more ancient than verbal and written language. Comparable only to perception…

Zalktis (The sign and grass snake)

Aug 20, 2019

The grass snake (Natrix natrix). Photo – Marek Szczepanek Going by the old Latvian name “misiņausis” (lit. diminutive “brass-ears”) or the modern name “zalktis” the grass snake is the longest snake found in Latvia (1 – 1,5 m). It is characterised  by a grey or blue-ish black colour and yellow-orange “ears”. It is…

Contemplation of life on earth

Oct 14, 2018

Man is like a cloud driven by the wind, an ant, like a bee or grain of sand… It’s a windy autumn day. Clouds are being pushed around in the sky, creating a sea of white fluff that is flowing and rolling. A fragment of an old childhood verse comes to mind – balti mākonīši klusi, klusi…

Cassiopeia – A sign of renewal

Aug 18, 2018

Cassiopeia in the northern sky. ¹ What is Cassiopeia? It’s a constellation, which can be seen all year around. In our latitude it’s a constellation that never sets. The bright stars forming Cassiopeia create a W sign in the sky and through it winds the milky way. This ancient sign can be…

Energy directionality in sign geometry

Jul 3, 2018

Throughout our lives we are all under a cross of energies. What do we see when we look at an Auseklis as a geometric figure (without a Latvian subtext)? We see four arrows which converge towards a unified center. The energies that structure and alter our reality or the physical world mimic an Auseklis. These can…

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