Signs of Power amulet – “Sign of harmony and love”


Baltic sign cabochon amulet in a metal setting with suede necklace. Available in five setting styles. Based on original paintings by Brigita Ektermane.

Sign description:

Activates and attracts love, balances the spirit, body, conscience and soul. Cleanses and renews the physiological and psychic apects, enlarges the bio-field. Helps find your way in life and offers powerful protection. Improves eyesight if you follow each of the star’s rays 12 times clockwise and 12 times counter-clockwise. Transforms fear, hate, depression, helps achieve clarity of soul because physical well-being is closely connected with the state of the soul.

Every amulet is packaged in an organza gift bag with the sign description attached in English and Latvian.

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Simple setting size: 35x45x7mm

Braided setting size: 40x43x7mm

Braided (Silver colour) setting size: 40x43x7mm

Setting with ornament size: 38x42x7mm

Oval setting with ornament size: 40x58x7mm


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