Signs of Power sticker “Property protection sign”


Water resistant 6.5×6.5cm vinyl sticker with Baltic sign design.

Sign description

(Found on the back of packaging):

The sign consists of nine crosses – to Latvians, the most powerful number.

The cross – Static energy, a symbol of world order, protects from evil.
Zalktis (Cross zalktis) – A sign of time, symbolizes fortune and well-being.
Sign of unified spacetime – A symbol of wholeness and protection, signifies the concept of inner and outer world seperation. Protects and creates a sense of security. The sign has a magical meaning and in olden times it was carved into the door still. In modern times we can use stickers on your car, door or other belongings etc. It’s advised to charge the sign with its user’s energy by expressing a clear intent or wish.

Each sticker is packaged in a plastic bag.


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The product’s perceived colours may vary depending on the display of the device you’re viewing this page with and so can appear slightly different than in the real world. The product’s colours are also influenced by lighting conditions. The stickers are water resistant but may not be completely waterproof if repeatedly or extendedly subjected to the effects of moisture and water or other liquids.

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