Cassiopeia – A sign of renewal

Cassiopeia in the northern sky. ¹

What is Cassiopeia?

It’s a constellation, which can be seen all year around. In our latitude it’s a constellation that never sets. The bright stars forming Cassiopeia create a W sign in the sky and through it winds the milky way.

This ancient sign can be found in Latvia’s ancient caves and on very old stones. Professor Andris Špats and researches Artūrs Goba have gathered materials and information on the Cassiopeia sign.

One such example of the sign is on the large stone called “Velna beņķis” (lit. the devil’s seat). This stone is located neat Ventspils. It’s 3 meters tall, 6,8 meters long and 4,6 meters wide. It’s circumference is 17 meters. On it’s surface towards the east is an angled cavity with a size of 1,5×1,2 meters giving it the appearance of a large bench. On the front of it there is also the Cassiopeia W sign. According the sources it used to be a Curonian – Livonians border stone.

There exists a view that from Cassiopeia the earth receives light energy and that with the help of this energy a folk can protect themselves from attacks of dark forces. this sign is linked to the diety Māra.

Doctor Mirdza Strautiņa has analyzed the energetic effect of different signs by looking at changes in muscle power.

Velna beņķis
The devil’s seat (Velna beņķis). ²

These tests were conducted as follows – the sign in question was drawn on a piece of paper, it was folded up and mixed with other similarly prepared signs. Then without looking at them a random piece of paper was selected and placed on the chest of a volunteer. After this the volunteer’s arm strength was tested with all of the signs. Upon adding the Cassiopeia sign to these tests it was concluded that this is the one which increases muscle strength the most compared to other signs such as the cross, circle, triangle etc. This effect was observed both on children and adults.

By drawing a “W” in a room it’s possible to destroy energy denial and accumulation systems created by “dark powers” and remove their influence. By using this sign you can protect yourself, your family and home from different forms of evil and create a protective energy barrier completely invisible to others.


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