Contemplation of life on earth

Man is like a cloud driven by the wind, an ant, like a bee or grain of sand…

It’s a windy autumn day. Clouds are being pushed around in the sky, creating a sea of white fluff that is flowing and rolling. A fragment of an old childhood verse comes to mind – balti mākonīši klusi, klusi aizsteidzas uz rīta pusi… (Lit. “white clouds quietly, quietly rush towards dawn…”)

These little clouds are us. Constantly rushing from day to night, from night to day – from life to death and from death back to another life. The only thing changing is the scenario.

What is a human?

Definition is as follow: humans are bipedal primates, part of the class of mammals. Is that all? What is the world?

The world is inapprehensible and mysterious. People should treat the world as well as themselves like a riddle. The world is infinite and endlessly complex, we struggle and flounder in the tiny space that is open to our senses. P. Kļava says: “I believe it is a program from the mind of god, which is placed in humans – our forced residence in the here and now. No matter how beautiful our planet may be portrayed in picture, writing and song, science has proven that living on earth is difficult and unnatural as this environment is exceptionally aggressive with all the impressions and pressures in it.” (lit. translation)

The only way in which the world can exist is in motion and vibration, subject to a certain rhythm. At the root of existence is a chain of cause and consequence and chance is fictitious. It doesn’t matter where we are or what we’re doing – the inner consciousness never loses focus. It is our guardian. However oftentimes we let it become our jailer instead and it forbids us from going outside the bounds of the world we’ve created. This jailer is, more simply put, fear.

Fear of illness, pain, suffering, difficulty, death, from poverty, from loneliness, from the unknown…

There exists a large number of theories on fear. Usually they don’t correspond to reality but whatever the case may be, if humans are so very engaged with their fear and so many speak of it, that clearly indicated that such a problem exists.

People almost never have a clear understanding of obstacles. Their goals are blurry and illusionary, their orientation inconsistent and unstable. They only await rewards which they never receive and so are oblivious of future obstacles and hardships. We’re gradually overcome by anxiety because reality never aligns with our expectations and fear follows.

Each step is a new mission and fear ruthlessly, continuously increases. Our objective turns out to be a battlefield and fear is the enemy – horrible, cunning and inexorable. It’s around every corner, sneaking and waiting. And if, quivering before it, you attempt to flee, fear will put an end to all endeavours.

In our evolution there was a period when humans did not divide time into the past, present and future. They lived their lives and perceived themselves only in the here and now. Once time started to be divided, the present lost its dominant role. The future appeared, indeterminate, and just like any unknown it generated a sense of danger. This mechanism started generating a specific substance – fear. This substance has definitive physical parameters. Fear began suturing human organisms down to the cellular level.

In modern times fear has not become any more inert. It’s become an active force. Every human throughout their lives harbours fears for something specific. Like this we’re direct our fears and give them objectives. At this point the previously mentioned substance starts to act on a cellular level. And so, without realizing it, we start to program ourselves and those around us by involving them in some given situation. Such a situation is predestined to realize our fear. Remember an old saying – You die of what you fear. This process of realization is terrible and its function – irreversible. These days all of society is essentially a multi-stage system for realization of fears. All of our energy and life force gets wasted towards making what we’re afraid of a reality.

But what do we do to overcome fear? Perhaps start with not running away because there isn’t really anywhere to run to anyway. You can be completely petrified with fear but you still must not stop. This is the rule. Classical psychology usually chooses to block cells responsible for consciousness thereby achieving only their preservation. Meanwhile psychoanalysis is created based on Freud’s theory, which fails to consider the primary cause of issues within people’s relations – fear. Because of this any attempts to remedy problems caused by fear with the help of psychoanalysis yield no results.

The substance of fear accumulates not only within people but also on larger scales – like entire country territories. Latvia also has an elevated concentration of fear. In recent times issues like political, economic and social uncertainty are more and more pronounced here. The only solution to the situation is for each and every one of us to take responsibility for our lives and make a choice to free ourselves from fear. One more piece of advice – every time fear awakens inside you face it in spite of everything.

To be continued…


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