Energy directionality in sign geometry

Throughout our lives we are all under a cross of energies.

What do we see when we look at an Auseklis as a geometric figure (without a Latvian subtext)?

We see four arrows which converge towards a unified center. The energies that structure and alter our reality or the physical world mimic an Auseklis. These can vaguely be called eastern, northern, western and southern energies with us in the middle. From the south flows energy of the creator, breath of the universe. From north flows the energy that structures the universe, it creates and destroys shapes. From east flows temporal energy, the energy of time, through which things come into the world. In the west dwells spatial energy, the energy of space which creates characters and the backdrop of life. In the place where energy crosses time and creates shape, which expands into space, a human finds his corner of the heavens.

North will always be infront of you, no matter how you orient yourself, south will always be behind us and east will be on the right while west will be on the left.

The vector of our desires is determined by our emotions or the gamma of feelings, which is created by four main commands – anger, fear, grief and happiness. These are the four base colours that can be mixed in different proportions to create any painting.

Anger is always followed by fear, which gives way to self-pity. Negative emotions in turn create new anger. If a person fails to transform the primitive energies, they’ll be unable to find happiness in life. Happiness is a result. It’s like potential energy. Happiness is born spontaneously only during childhood, while the field of consciousness still contains a lot of energy, because during our lifetimes we expend a large amount of energy in exchange for experience. In time there is less and less free energy and to obtain more we have to suppress anger, overcome fear and transform grief.

The first three (Eastern, northern and western) energies have to be converted into a finer form that is more acceptable to the consciousness.  Southern energy is like a vessel from which we can take. It doesn’t need to be transformed, but, without transforming the first three, we won’t be able to reach it. Extended absence of happiness energy can create chronic depression.

Consider the energy positioning around a person. Fear always comes from the front and have to be transformed by allowing them to pass through you or by deflecting them. Anger is located on the right, where there is more strength because this is our rational side. Grief, from which we can gain inspiration is located on the left, where the heart is. It’s the side of feelings, here characters and abstraction are born. Happiness is carried like a backpack behind us. It can overcome us suddenly, without noticing and even without an apparent cause.

Signs are a graphical representation of energy. They both remind about, help us understand the order and nature of things. Let us remember that Auseklis is a powerful sign for protection and it beckons us to correctly use the eastern, northern and western energies so that we may gain pure joy and be in safety.

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