The tree as a symbol of the universe

Trees are the domain of the Forest Mother. They possess life force and a variety of energies.

In olden times they were honoured much like deities because they were considered to be residences of the gods and the rustling of leaves was said to contain messages from the beyond. Prior to the coming of Christianity, sacred groves (svētbirzis) were the most important ritual sites and it was forbidden to cut the trees there even in times of famine or war. They were the place you would go to pray to God, bring offerings and divine the future.

In the Baltic sign system, Austra’s tree is represented as a symbol of the cosmos, as a giant tree, whose top is adorned with the sun. This sign contains deep philosophical meaning regarding the order of the world and the three states of being – past, present and future. The number three illustrates the sacred aspect of time, a connection with Laima (the Latvian goddess of fate) and creativity. In Latvian Mythology there are mentioned three Laimas, three possibilities of which the third is the deciding one.

Austra’s tree can be very simple much like a small sprout or mighty and complex with many branches.

Austra’s tree facilitates correct energy flow and reminds us of our ancestral roots – the energy inherited and the forefather’s experience. The sign should be in a place of honour within the household as a family guardian. It’s advised to pass it down from generation to generation, each time adding a new branch thereby growing the tree and more.

Trees symbolize rebirth and renewal. Evergreen trees in particular relate to the world’s eternal soul. There are even ancient drawings depicting a union between the tree of life and the human body.

“Sign of unified spacetime” – Acrylic, canvas. 50x70cm. (No. 306)

On an energetic level, trees possess the ability to transform negative energy into positive. This is explained by their physical properties. The roots, stretching into the ground, take on feminine energy but the wreath of leaves above takes on masculine energy. This energetic flow is stable and uniform, stretching from the sky above down to earth and unlike the rhythm of a human life, trees aren’t hasty, hence they live much longer.

When seeking out your own personal tree of power, it’s important to take down the boundaries imposed by logical thought and instead to give in to feelings and emotions. The healing effect radius of a tree can be around two or three meters, but it can be strengthened by putting your back against the tree or by embracing it. It is best to choose a strong, healthy tree that stands alone without others in its near vicinity as this way it’ll have a stronger energetic field. One should however also be cautious – certain types of tree can take more than they give. Be wary of aspen, poplar, fir and chestnut trees but more on this in the coming post series where I’ll be looking at different types of trees individually!

In the next article, read about the tree of wisdom – ash…

Amulets with Austra’s Tree sign
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